NE Kansas grassland

Northeast Kansas grassland biodiversity study

This project was conducted to study a variety of grassland sites (n=104) in northeast Kansas. We were particularly interested in contrasting and comparing five types of native and planted grasslands. These are:
* C4H (native tallgrass warm-season hay meadows);
* C4G (native tallgrass grazed pastures);
* CRP (planted Conservation Reserve Program native grasses);
* C3H (cool-season hay meadows, primarily planted and fertilized Bromus inermis);
* and C3G (planted and fertilized cool-season grazed pasture).

This project was funded by the USDA. The publication cited below contains more details on this data and analysis of data from the sites.

Location data
Three plots were located at each site. A GPS unit, using NAD 83 as the datum, were recorded and are in the attached file. Each corner of the 20-by-20m plot was recorded.

Northeast Kansas Tallgrass Biodiversity Study Locations USDA [Excel file]

Study data
The sites are all located in the unglaciated portion of northeast Kansas. Data were collected from 20-by-20m plots. Specific details are in the paper (PDF file) cited below.

Northeast Kansas Tallgrass Biodiversity Study USDA [Excel file]

Jog, S. and E. Questad, K. Kindscher, B. Foster, and H. Loring 2006. “Floristic Quality as an Indicator of Native Species Diversity within Managed Grasslands” Natural
[View PDF]

You are welcome to use this data, and I ask that you credit the source. Please contact me, as I am especially interested in opportunities to collaborate on uses of this data.